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Last Call… by ayarti
5 June 2008, 10:27 pm
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And so ends the saga that is semester 1. As Nadia said, it was certainly a grueling few months, with a heap of new challenges to overcome. All in all though, i think we have both come out of it better people and designers. Our final presentation went really well, and certainly seemed to captivate the audience. We had struggled to put our ideas into coherent words and sentences in the prior weeks, but i think we really pulled it all together for today and delivered a tight presentation that really communicated exactly what the problem is that we had discovered, and how we have solved it.

I have really enjoyed this topic. Right from the outset, i knew we could make a really worthwhile project out of it. It certainly took a lot of effort, and there were times of desperation, but i think once we got on track we were able to produce a great solution.

I would like to thank Nadia for all of her hard work through out the semester, it has been really tough but we have managed to slug through it all and come out on top.

Anything more i say will just be a repeat of what Nadia has already said, so i will conclude with this.

It has been a long, interesting semester. I have learned much, and achieved things i never thought possible. I wonder what challenges await next semester.



Final Homepage Design by ayarti
5 June 2008, 10:26 pm
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Final Broadsheet Poster Design by ayarti
5 June 2008, 10:08 pm
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Broadsheet Poster Development by ayarti
5 June 2008, 10:05 pm
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2nd round concept:

1st round concept:

Nadia’s final reflection by Nadia
5 June 2008, 8:06 pm
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This morning we gave our presentation, concluding our semester’s work and the False Truths group.

I have a great sense of achievement walking away from this. I feel that we achieved all of our aims and made a truly worthwhile solution.

I got a great sense of satisfaction out of the interest the audience took in our presentation (I wasn’t expecting so many questions). People seemed genuinely interested in our outcome, and also in our process. I thought it was interesting how the ‘t-shirt experiment’ we had performed seemed to captivate the audience.

After the presentation in the tea and scones room, the interest continued. I had a really interesting conversation with Di Lancashire about gaining information from different sources – she told me that she reads three different newspapers.

It was also interesting to see the other presentations we watched.

This semester has been gruelling. The past week, in particular, has involved late nights and serious dedication, but I’m glad we put in the effort and pulled through it to make something we both really believe in. Sorry for the saccharine, but I’m going to take this opportunity to thank Alex for all his effort – it really has been great to work with you. I think it was Tony said that we were really ‘in tune’ with each other. The experience of working with a good friend is quite different to any other.

I have gained a lot from this semester’s work. It has really been a thought-provoking experience. Everyone’s projects have been about pretty deep subjects. From the research we conducted, I have learnt a lot about politics and the media that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise looked into. I have also had my eyes opened, despite already being what I thought was pretty cynical. Everything has its biases, and in nothing will you simply find the truth. It is hard not to bear this in mind once you start to think about it. Everytime I watch the news and someone talks about ‘the war on obesity’ (just another in the long list of ‘wars’), I think about what they might really mean.

I have also learnt that I can do more than I expected. The workload has been heavy and at times tedious, but I know that it is doable. I think this is a valuable thing to know, and will put me in good stead in times to come.

Download proposal PDF by Nadia
29 May 2008, 12:30 pm
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Click here to download.

No more minutes by ayarti
22 May 2008, 11:20 am
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At this stage of the project, we feel it is unnecessary to take anymore minutes. Nadia and I speak daily about the project, so its just not practical to record everything that is discussed anymore. We are basically in the production phase of the project at the moment anyway, so again, taking notes on everything we discuss just isn’t practical anymore.